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Certificate of Integrated College & Community Studies

Each student is challenged to ‘dare mighty things’ during his or her two year programAggies Elevated at Utah State University offers a two-year Certificate of Integrated College & Community Studies. For some Aggie Elevated students, this two-year program may be their only college experience. For others, it is merely a starting point, a place to gain the skills necessary to go on to an associate’s or bachelor’s degree. For all students, however, it is a bridge between high school and a meaningful career.

Coursework leading to the certificate includes foundation classes in reading and writing, career exploration, navigating adulthood, self-determination, and a wide variety of personal and vocational electives from the University’s general education catalog. All coursework is credit-bearing, unless a student chooses to audit.

The certificate and curriculum have been approved by the Northwest Commission on Colleges and Universities and is included in Utah State University's accreditation by the NWCCU.