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Assistive Technology


Aggies Elevated students participate in a job shadow experience at the AT lab during their second semester.Assistive technology is any device (low or high tech) that assists a person with a disability with the activities of daily living. Many Aggies Elevated students utilize high-tech devices and apps to manage notes, access textbooks (text-to-speech) and write papers (speech-to-text).

Download a list of iPad apps for struggling readers and writers. (Please note–these prices may have changed since this list was compiled).

The following devices and apps are strongly encouraged for all Aggies Elevated students:

  • A laptop computer with Microsoft Office suite
  • A smartphone
  • Notability app

All students receive a free Box account, which is used to store and share electronic files. Audio books and notes from the Disability Resource Center, as well as the files the student shares with Aggies Elevated staff, are placed in the student’s Box account. Learn more about the Utah Assistve Technology Program.